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ASPEN alkylate petrol Pre-Mixed Two Stroke Or Standard Petrol

Clean burning ASPEN fuel

Cleaner petrol means improved machine performance and ensures a longer service life.

Alkylate is produced synthetically from clean gases released when refining crude oil.

Contains virtually no harmful substances.

Unlike petrol station pump fuel, Aspen fuel contains virtually no harmful substances such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, polyaromatic hydrocarbons or olefins all of which are harmful either by contact or by inhalation (before and after combustion).  When used in motor vehicles the chances for contact or inhalation are minimal but with garden machinery the risk is much greater.  Ordinary pump fuel contains a mix of over 100 substances ASPEN is made from around 10.  Ordinary petrol has a life span of around 3-5 months.  ASPEN will still be good after 5 years !

ASPEN 2 - is a ready mixed alkylate petrol for chainsaws, strimmers, hedgetrimmers and other two stroke engines.

It is available in 1ltr (£4.99) and 5ltr (£19.99)

ASPEN 4 - is an alkylate petrol for lawnmowers, cultivators, snow blowers, generators and other four stroke engines.

It is available in 1ltr (£4.79) and 5ltr (£19.50)